The Many Unique Benefits Of Oolong Tea


Although many people regard nearly every form of tea as being healthy for you, oolong tea certainly has a higher place on the list. It is no exaggeration to consider all of the medicinal benefits that it can provide, including antioxidants that are found in high quantities in this form of camellia sinensis. If you have never had this before, here is an overview of why you should consider adding this to your daily regimen of supplements that can help you stay young and healthy.

What Exactly Is Oolong Tea?

When categorizing this particular type of tea, it is not exactly black to you, yet it also shares characteristics of green tea as well. The flavors can differ, yet in most cases, it is typically a very dark and bitter form of tea. It is possible for this to have a cinnamony flavoring, or they may and other flavorings to the mix. The most popular comes from Taiwan, as well as mainland China, yet it is also produced in places such as India, Japan, Vietnam, and the country of Thailand.

Where Is It Grown?

This is typically grown in the high mountains. It needs to be in an area that is at least 1000 m in elevation. It is in this cooler climate, which is typically in a rain forest setting, where it will develop light, bitter, and sweet flavors depending upon the plant of origin. The most popular includes what is called Wu Yi oolongs, a type of tea that is often much more oxidized than others that are similar processed the same way. It tends to be much more healthy, because of this combination of black and green tea benefits combined into this one very unique form of Asian TV.

Why Is It Healthy For You?

The primary reason that it is good for you is because of the catechins, as well as the antioxidant compounds that are found within the tea. It comes in black, white, or dark colorations, and will often have a phenolic content that is just as high as green tea. Another popular form of oolong tea is Ti Kwan Yin. It has a much darker and reddish appearance. To brew this, you simply put the process to leaves in a teapot, pour water over it, and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

If you have never had oolong tea before, this is certainly a great place to start as it has a rich and robust flavor. The aroma is also very captivating, prompting many people to know that it is at the table long before they arrive to consume their meal. If you would like to try this type of tea, you can find it online at many locations. It is of great benefit to include this in your daily diet if you want to improve your health, ability to concentrate, and take advantage of the antioxidant properties.

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