What Exactly Is Orange Pekoe Tea?


There is a special kind of black tea by the name of Orange pekoe tea. The name is derived from the name which originates in China. It refers to the hairs that can be seen on the tea leaves, typically why resembling a type of down. The reference to it being orange was likely started by the Dutch East India Company that began to import it into Europe. However, although royalty certainly does enjoy this particular type of tea, it’s origins began in the Orient.

Origins Of Orange Pekoe Tea

First and foremost, this is a black tea. It originally came from parts of Asia, Sri Lanka, and India. In fact, the name Orange pekoe was often used to describe this particular appearance of the tea, and was not in reference to its color. There different grades of this tea which are known either by the acronyms or names. This would include flowery Orange pekoe, golden or tippy
orange pekoe tea, and broken pekoe tea to name a few. This can be used in either its whole form, or as a broken leaf form, both of which will create a very unique cup of tea known for its robust flavor.

What Are The Benefits Of Orange Pekoe Tea

The benefits include antioxidants which are found in most types of tea. However, the level of antioxidants will depend upon its country of origin. There are some including Assam and Ceylon, two different types that come from India and Sri Lanka, respectively. When you have this tea, it is going to stand out, primarily because it is just bitter enough to be memorable. It also depends on the grade of the tea, with Daily Darjeeling often being at the top of the list, along with the Star of India.

Is This Something You Should Drink Every Day?

If you are not a tea drinker, you should at least have if you cups a week. However, due to the flavor of this to you, you may become addicted. Although it is possible that you could drink too much of it, most people will never be harmed by its consumption. In fact, this type of tea has been shown to widen your arteries, thus reducing the probability of heart disease. This reduction in the possibility of blood clots forming often make it a candidate for those that have heart disease in the family who do not want to take pharmaceuticals to deter this possibility.

Orange pekoe tea is one of the top rated types of tea in the world. If you would like to try this out, there are many vendors that sell it, some of which are marketing it at a very fair price. The combination of the flavonoids and antioxidants will certainly improve your chances of a long and healthy life. At the very least, it may become one of your most treasured beverages that you can drink in the morning, afternoon, or even late at night without worrying about insomnia.

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