Why You Should Drink Pu’er Tea


Pu’er Tea is produced in the unit and province of China. It goes through a fermentation process, called wet piling, which allows it to oxidize. It is through this oxidation process that the different flavors can be achieved, and then countries like America, it is known as one of the best black teas on the market. In China, it is sometimes referred to as red tea, but overall, it is simply a very unique dark tea that has many beneficial properties.

Two Types Of Pu’er Tea

There are two separate types of Pu’er tea that are typically made today. One is called shēng (raw) pu’er tea, whereas the other is called shóu (ripe or rough) pu’er. Both of these will go through a maturation process which includes fermentation. In some cases, the fermentation process can be accelerated, a strategy developed in the 1970s, particularly after this particular type of tea became more popular for consumption.

How Is This Type Of Tea Classified?

Bing or cake Pu’er actually takes on a rounded or disklike form. It is packaged in this manner, specifically for the sale and transport of this tea to different countries. Another classification is called Tuocha, which resembles a nest or a bowl. It can also be processed as a brick, square in shape, and even in the form of a mushroom. The mushroom processing refers to what is called tight tea, typically weighing up to 300 g. In certain countries, the Dragon Pearl or Lóngzhū Pu’er is favored because of the easy way in which it can be added to teapots and brewed instantly by simply pouring water into the pot.

Six Great Tea Mountains

Pu’er is typically produced in climates or environments that are in mountainous areas. This designation of location was originally started back in the Qing dynasty. In the Lancang River or Mekong region, it is thought to have been one of the primary locations where this form of tea was brewed. There are many other provinces including the Hunan and Guangdong provinces where this is also produced.

The cultivation of Pu’er tea can occur in several different ways. It can be cultivated in tea bushes, in what are called wild trees, which means it was produce without any intervention by man. The grade of this tea can be determined by observing the size of the leaf and the quality of the leaves that are harvested. There are many recipes that use this particular form of tea for not just different blends of tea but also in the production of cakes for dessert. If you have never had Pu’er tea before, you should consider adding this to your list of the best teas in the world.

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